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We help businesses of different sizes to fully use all possibilities, that modern cloud software solution can bring to any company. Our software development activities can bring you significant software cost reduction due to optimizer usage of cloud computing. Our cloud solutions are used by companies that rely on secure systems heavily, by enterprises to move their private server farms to the cloud.

Cloud solution and servers

This is a nice tool for remote test of web site availability – an external, remote tool to monitor cloud solutions. Using our services, you can easily be informed, when your or another web services are offline, be it hosted on dedicated server or AWS cloud infrastructure. Even if you are using another solution for device alerting (like enterprise systems based on Windows or Linux), Upt-server.xyz can offer you additional level of web downtime protection by using another device alerting solution, different by country, network and complete infrastructure. Using these combined services, you can achieve really high device uptime, since chance of multiple services fail is nearly 0. Our server alerting is affordable, secure, without any hidden costs and easy-to-setup.

Enterprise cloud Monitor

Upt-server.xyz can help you to select the best business cloud solution. Upt-server.xyz's backgrond is based on real case alternate solutions from real clients. Upt-server.xyz can suggest you the best solution in terms of the need of changes on your infrastructure, cloud safety, and cloud alternate price. Upt-server.xyz's alternate are using fully automated cloud alternate, so it's not needed to do anything from your side. We have managed crash plan backups as well - producing complete copy of infrastructure of your dedicated or virtual servers is not a problem at all with cloud.

100% Cloud based hosting

Upt-server.xyz's business is a specialist of building private server backup solutions. Our company can help you to find the best cloud backup supplier for all your big data with taking in mind all of your needs - cyber defend, encrypting, durability and price per GB. Our company can help you with building a 100% working solution for building backups of your databases under heavy load, fast uploads of your data into secure secured cloud internet storage for lowest possible prices. Upt-server.xyz's SQL server backup strategy fully respects your internet services, keeping all your services running 24x7 without any downtimes. Upt-server.xyz's backup solution use various mechanisms to achieve lowest hardware load possible, allowing you to run your services even during server backups. We offer 100% Uptime based virtual cloud hosting as well. By using our own software, we replicate all your software and databases into different locations, while using Amazon’s Route53 technology to route all your websites to different location when one location is down for just a few seconds.

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